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The human body needs an exact balance of hormones to operate correctly. When hormones are out of balance, a host of problems can arise including fatigue, weight gain and much more. By carefully testing your hormone levels and using bioidentical hormones as replacements we can get you feeling better and increase your youthful energy!

Our Expanded Clinic

Dr. Scott has been working with two highly trained and accomplished Nurse Practitioners to be able to better service her patients for bioidentical hormone replacement, cutting edge treatment for various thyroid conditions and an overall whole-body approach to improved wellness.
With our greatly expanded facilities and additional providers, we are able to give our patients the best possible care.

"Dr. Scott has changed my life. I had resigned myself to believing that this is what 60 and beyond is going to be like, I was so wrong. I could go on and on about what has changed for the better for me but trust me when I say, I truly feel twenty years younger and back to my healthy self again. I have Dr. Scott to thank. She’s brilliant, passionate, down to earth and invested in your health and well-being. I felt comfortable with her the moment I met her as if I had known her all my life. Her staff are all committed to make your journey to your optimal health the best choice you have ever made."Ann-Marie

We are here to change your quality of Life!



When your hormones lose their natural balance a host of problems can occur. Let us test you for correct hormone balance and prescribe bioidentical hormones that will help you to recover your mental clarity and energy today!



Thyroid imbalance can cause a host of problems including weight gain that does not respond to dieting. This can be very frustrating. We test your thyroid levels and make sure you have the right supplement type and dose.



The effects of aging can be addressed with lifestyle changes, hormone balancing and nutrition. By getting everything in balance you can truly experience a renewed vitality and quality of life.

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